Published and forthcoming papers


(2018) “Model-theoretic semantics and revenge paradoxes”, Philosophical Studies, online first [DOI (open access)].

(2018) “Reflection principles and the Liar in context” (with Julien Murzi), forthcoming in Philosophers’ Imprint [Penultimate draft].

(2017) “Naïve validity” (with Julien Murzi), Synthese, online first, [DOI (open access)].

(2017) “Principles for object-linguistic consequence: from logical to irreflexive” (with Carlo Nicolai), Journal of Philosophical Logic, online first [DOI (open access)].

(2016) “Adding a conditional to Kripke’s theory of truth”, Journal of Philosophical Logic 45, 5, pp. 485-529 [Penultimate draftDOI].


Under review

(2017) “Graphs, truth, and conditional(s)”, revise and resubmit [email me for a draft].

(2017) “Generalised revenge” (with Julien Murzi), under review [email me for a draft].

(2017) “Conservative deflationism?” (with J. Murzi), under review [email me for a draft].

(2017) “Non-contractability and revenge” (with J. Murzi), under review [email me for a draft].


In preparation

(2017) “Grounded reasoning” (with C. Nicolai).

(2017) “A puzzle for conditionals in restricted quantifications”.

(2017) “True in absolutely every context” (with J. Murzi, to appear in a volume on Modality and Truth, edited by Carlo Nicolai and Johannes Stern).