Published and forthcoming papers

(2019) A unified theory of truth and paradox, The Review of Symbolic Logic, online first [Penultimate draft, Official publication]

(2019) Conservative Deflationism? (with J. Murzi), forthcoming in Philosophical Studies [Official publication (open access)].

(2019) Generalised revenge (with J. Murzi), accepted for publication in the Australasian Journal of Philosophy  [Penultimate draft].

(201?) Non-contractability and revenge (with J. Murzi), forthcoming in Erkenntnis  [Official publication (open access)].

(2018) Reflection principles and the Liar in context (with J. Murzi), Philosophers’ Imprint, 18 (15), pp. 1-18 [Official publication (open access)].

(2018) “Model-theoretic semantics and revenge paradoxes”, Philosophical Studies176 (4), pp. 1035-1054 [Official publication (open access)].

(2018) “Principles for object-linguistic consequence: from logical to irreflexive” (with C. Nicolai), Journal of Philosophical Logic, 47 (3), pp. 549-577  [Official publication (open access)].

(2017) “Naïve validity” (with J. Murzi), Synthese, online first  [Official publication (open access)].

(2016) “Adding a conditional to Kripke’s theory of truth”, Journal of Philosophical Logic 45, 5, pp. 485-529  [Penultimate draftOfficial publication].


Under review

  • “De Finettian Logics of Indicative Conditionals — Part I: Trivalent Semantics and Validity” (with P. Égré and J. Sprenger)
  • “De Finettian Logics of Indicative Conditionals — Part II: Proof-theory and Algebraic Semantics” (with P. Égré and J. Sprenger) [Single file preprint]


In preparation

  • “Grounded reasoning” (with C. Nicolai).
  • “Bipartite contextualism”.
  • “The expressive power of contextualist truth” (with J Murzi), to appear in C. Nicolai and J. Stern (eds.), Modes of Truth. The Unified Approach to Modality, Truth, and Paradox, Routledge.