(2021) Truth and Paradox in Context (with J. Murzi), in preparation for Oxford University Press.

Journal articles

(2020) De Finettian logics of indicative conditionals — Part II: Proof-theory and algebraic semantics (with P. Égré and J. Sprenger), forthcoming in the Journal of Philosophical Logic.

(2020) De Finettian logics of indicative conditionals — Part I: Trivalent semantics and validity (with P. Égré and J. Sprenger), forthcoming in the Journal of Philosophical Logic.

[Single file preprint]

(2020) Generalised revenge (with J. Murzi), Australasian Journal of Philosophy, 98(1), pp. 153-177 [Penultimate draft, Official publication].

(2019) A unified theory of truth and paradox, The Review of Symbolic Logic12 (2), pp. 209-254 [Penultimate draft, Official publication]

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(2016) Adding a conditional to Kripke’s theory of truth, Journal of Philosophical Logic 45 (5), pp. 485-529  [Penultimate draftOfficial publication].

Papers in edited collections

(2020) The expressive power of contextualist truth (with J. Murzi), to appear in C. Nicolai and J. Stern (eds.), Modes of Truth. The Unified Approach to Modality, Truth, and Paradox. Routledge Studies in Contemporary Philosophy, Routledge [Draft available upon request]

(2020) Gibbardian collapse and trivalent conditionals (with P. Égré and J. Sprenger), to appear in S. Kaufmann, D. Over, an G. Sharma (eds.), Conditionals: Logic, Linguistics, and Psychology, Palgrave Studies in Pragmatics, Language and Cognition, Palgrave-MacMillan [Preprint].

Under review

  • Bicontextualism.
  • A theory of grounding in first-order classical logic (with F. Genco and F. Poggiolesi).
  • Non-reflexivity and revenge (with J. Murzi).

In preparation


  • Handbook of Three-Valued Logic (editor, with P. Égré).
  • The Liar Paradox (editor), commissioned by Cambridge University Press for the series Classic Philosophical Arguments.


  • A compositional theory of self-applicable consequence (with C. Nicolai).
  • Truth and quantification (with M. Glanzberg).
  • Structured grounding (with C. Nicolai).
  • The two faces of paradox: semantic and soritical paradoxes in many-valued logics (with R. Bruni).


  • Review of: A. Zinke, The Metaphysics of Logical Consequence (commissioned by Grazer Philosophische Studien)