As Lecturer (MCMP, LMU Munich)

(Summer 2020) Theories of Truth, upper BA/MA Lecture Course + Tutorial.

(Summer 2019) Quantifiers, upper BA/MA Lecture Course.

(Winter 2019) Higher-order theories, upper BA/MA Lecture Course + Tutorial.

(Winter 2019) Vagueness, upper BA/MA Lecture Course.

As Lecturer (University of Salzburg)

(Summer 2019) Departmental Colloquium Seminar.

(Winter 2018) Philosophy of Language, upper BA/MA Lecture Course + Seminar.

(Summer 2018) Vagueness, upper BA/MA Lecture Course + Seminar.

(Winter 2017) What is Rational Belief, upper BA/MA Lecture Course + Seminar (with J. Murzi).

(Summer 2017) Non-classical Logics, upper BA/MA Lecture Course + Seminar (with J. Murzi).

As Class Leader (University of Oxford)

(Hilary Term 2015) Frege, Russell, Wittgenstein, Tutorials.

(Trinity Term 2014) Introduction to Logic, Tutorials.


As Teaching Assistant (University of Oxford)

(Hilary Term 2015) Philosophical Logic, Tutorials.

(Hilary Term 2014) Elements of Deductive Logic, Tutorials.

(Michaelmas Term 2013) Introduction to Logic, Tutorials.

(Michaelmas Term 2012) Introduction to Logic, Tutorials.


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